working together to conquer lupus

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Submit lupus event photos to  Not all will make it to the gallery since we have limited capacity but we will try to post a good cross-section.

2008 Shadbolt Centre - Burnaby
2007 30th Anniversary, Vancouver Golf Club - Coquitlam
2006 - sorry no pictures
2005 TAS Boardroom, Vancouver
2004 TAS Boardroom, Vancouver


Gala &Fundraisers

2008 Music of the Night Gala
Dinner Cruise 2005



2008 The Many Masks of Lupus, Vancouver International Film Centre
2007 A Thirty Year History - A Thirty Year Leap, Justice Institute

2006 The Lupus Code - Unlocking the Mystery, Justice Institute
2005 People Making a Difference, BCIT
2004 The Lupus Puzzle - Piecing it Together, BCIT


Walk a Block, World Lupus Day

2008 Walk a Block
2008 World Lupus Day Run