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Short descriptions of various reports & speeches.

Articles - Lighthouse & Other Sources
Articles that have appeared in the Lupus Lighthouse and other sources.

Audio/Video, Podcasts & YouTube clips
You'll need Windows media player to view some of these clips.

Lupus Lighthouse Newsletters 

Full versions of prior issues.

Symposium Keynote Speeches, plus Q&A

Transcriptions of Symposium speeches and items from Question & answer panel.


For more information on lupus:

Alliance for Lupus Research

Lupus Alliance of America

Lupus Canada Website is in English and French with links to each of the provincial member organizations.

The Lupus Center of Excellence

Lupus Foundation of America

Lupus UK

MedLine Plus Health Information

National Library of Medicine Interactive Tutorial on Lupus

NIAMS / NIH Handout on Health: SLE

St. Thomas' Lupus Trust

 Other websites of interest:

BC Health Guide

eMedicine Clinical Knowledge Base

Health Canada

MediResource Health Site



Search the Lupus Society's website  - try out our new database search.
Use keywords to find your topic in any of the Lupus Society's articles from the annual symposiums, Lighthouse newsletters and other sources.

Preferred method: To find any of the words just separate each word by 'OR'.
If you enter a list of words, the search will try to find all the words in each document.



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